My grandchildren, lying is one of the bad actions or behavior that is done verbally. It is true that physical harm has more salient effects than bad actions that are done verbally. However, in certain circumstances, these actions can have a greater effect. Because of a false speech or news, a war can be triggered. Now they use social media to give false information or deliberately falsified information for a certain purpose. That’s why you need to be careful before accepting such information. So that you don’t just blindly believe everything in social media. Okay, let us come back to our main discussion, that is about lies.

What I mean by ‘lies’ is “Saying Something That Is Not True”.

All of you need to learn is ‘not to say something that is not true’ when you are in a group or community. In your family or society, you are trustworthy because you always tell the truth. If even just once you don’t speak the truth, or tell a lie, then none in the community or the group in your society will believe what you say.

A trustworthy person will always be respected in his community or society. And when someone does not have the trust of the others, it is as if he has become someone useless in his community. That is the merit of telling the truth.

So that you can avoid telling lies, you need to know the causes. Why do people tell lies? Doesn’t everybody know lying is bad? Then why do people still tell lies? Listen carefully, I only know some. Why people tell lie after lie. My hope, after you know the causes, is you can avoid telling lies.


Lying caused by greediness

My grandchildren, most of people lie because of their greediness. Because they want to take over and own something that does not belong to them, they don’t tell the truth. They will give false information about the ownership of an asset. They can lie about the quantity of an item. They can lie about the size, weight, and quality of an item for their personal gains or for the needs of their community.

Because of greediness, they do not act honestly. Why can people be greedy or have such a trait? There is no other answer. It is because they want too many things. To minimize this kind of dishonest act, or even eradicate it, you need to live in simplicity. Control your desire. Uncontrolable desire will drag you down to this kind of situation.

It seems, the moral side of this ‘Dishonest Utterance’ is trivial, my grandchildren, but this action has many forms of disguise just like the example above. And at a certain level, it turns into something like a fraud or a claim to the ownership and the right to use something. Of course, you have seen or heard that many cases in the court are about solving these problems. The case of unilateral control over land, or now there is even the case of fighting over the right to children. Doesn’t the thing that at first you may deem trivial make people suffer for the rest of their life?

Because of greediness, people also lie to get a status, position, rank, dignity, praise and respect. These are the forms of disguise, because they want to be admired or worshipped, they lie. For you not falling into this pit, you need to remember that respect is not something you can find!

Respect is a gift! Respect will come to you because of your actions and behavior. If in the end no one respects you, it is not their fault or this world’s fault, my grandchildren. But it is your own fault. It is the same as how this world moves. This world does not move according to your will! But naturally. You like it or not, that is how this world moves. Still remember right?


Lying caused by hatred

The next cause of why people lie is the influence of ‘Hatred’ or the feeling of disliking other people. My grandchildren, the intensity and weight of this kind of lies are heavier than those of lies caused by ‘Greediness’. Because this kind of lies is always followed by malice intention.

My grandchildren, because of the feeling of disliking someone, people speak lies in order to harm another person. This kind of lies is a lie with malice intent because they want to harm and destroy other people’s life. I hope, all of you do not fall into this situation. In order that you do not fall into such situation, you need to discipline yourselves to grow your love for others.


Lying caused by ignorance

Another cause of people tell lies is because of their ‘Ignorance’. There are people who have a false believe or perspective. These people tell lies because they do not know that what they say is not true. The weight to this lies is not heavy. Because it is not followed by either greediness or hatred. Only because they do not know the truth, they tell something that is not true.

My grandchildren, to avoid this situation, you need to always learn and broaden your knowledge. Either from books or from those who are wise. You can also sharpen your assessment and train your intuition to be able to everything as it is. My hope is, say you know, if you really know the answer to a question. And say you do not know if you really do not know the answer to a question.

My grandchildren, in every group of society, they gather on the basis of trust. They will gather because of trust. They believe that every member of their group will always tell the truth. This is what drives them to group and gather together. Because of these causes, if you do not tell the truth, you directly hurt the feelings of that whole group. Consequently, besides that you do not have their trust anymore, you may be alienated and will not be involved in discussing an important matter.

A lie is also a unique ‘illusion’ that can trap you in chaos. For example like this, if you lie to a person or a group, then you always have to be careful so that they do not know you are lying. Do you know how much energy you use to watch your tongue so that you do not slip out and reveal your lies?

And if you are suspicious that your lies have been disclosed, you will make an effort to make up a new story to cover your first lie. Convincing them with stories neatly arranged so that the first story appears even more convincing. This goes on until you forget what your first lie is. After you tell the first lie, other lies will follow trapping you in the prison of lies.

How can you get out of this problem? The answer is ‘There’s No Way Out!’ This is what I call a unique illusion of lies. A matter that you deem trivial can entangle you in a cage without escape.

Foolish people will think they are so great because they have deceived other people or even the whole group with their sweet talk. They think they are the most superior in the group because they can deceive and control their group with their lies. They think they are brilliant because of their wit to compose promising sentences. However, those who have seen ‘The Way’ will laugh at their foolishness. Because they do not realize, those kinds of people will fall deeper into the pit of lies.

My grandchildren, ‘Lies’ is not a trivial matter! You need to remember that. Be careful with your words. Once more, if you are aksed, “Do you know about this?” If you know, say, “I do.” If you don’t, say, “I know nothing about it.” Don’t be embarrassed of saying ‘know nothing about it’. Remember, you are all still learning. So it is natural if you do not know something. There are still much and even too much that I do not know in this world. I was never ashamed of saying I know nothing.

Well, that is my explanation about lies. I hope it can be useful for your spiritual development and even your ethical development to live this life in the society. Again, my message is be careful and always be aware so that you are calm and are not easily overcome by the feelings of happiness and sadness.