My grandchildren, at this moment you should have learned and disciplined yourselves to love. Because this love is the only weapon to fight against one of the roots of evil, that is hatred. With love, you will be able to extinguish the hatred and malice that are hiding in your heart.

Grandpa knows, it is not easy to practice love in our daily life. So many hurdles that you have to cross. For example, one of the simplest and realest forms of love is giving donations. Everyone knows giving donations is good. Though it is so hard for many people to do so. Because if we give our money to others, our wealth will instantly decrease. And you must have known, it is difficult to gather wealth, isn’t it?

Then wisemen encourage all people to give donations with various stories about the goods of giving donations. Lately, those stories are becoming more materialistic. They say, by giving donations, you will get rich fast. Because of those stories, people start giving donations. Because they who donate hope for an abundant fortune in the future. It is true, my grandchildren. Giving donations is good, whatever your reasons are.

I think, it is better if you return to the initial perspective that the reason for giving donations is love. When you give something to other people, don’t expect that a fortune will come to you in the future. Because this perspective may be misleading, you can mistake your gift. You may give something to wrong people, or give something wrong to people. Because with those ways of giving, when you give donations, the objective of your giving donations is yourselves, for your own merits. If you give something in the hope of your fortune, doesn’t it mean you give for your own sake?

It will be different if the reason of your gift is love. How does this love appear? Because first, you see an incident that rouses the feeling of mercy. For exampes, you see someone who lives so poorly, the building where you used to pray that now has been destroyed, the broken roads in your village, etc. From this sight of yours, the feeling of mercy surfaces. If the person you see has a shortage of rice, give him rice. Do not give him clothes. But people may give him clothes, maybe because they have excess clothes that they do not use anymore. It is still a good deed, but it does not reduce his suffering. If his temple leaks, buy him some roof tiles.

And this goes on. Then your funds will be really useful and can solve their problems. There are also rich people giving donations for the sake of good reputation. These kinds of people usually just deliver their gifts carelessly. They do not care whether their gifts are proper or not, whether those are scattered on the street or not, as long as their names are announced publicly… Haha…

And there are still many more obstacles in order to practice love, my grandchildren. What is funnier is that this love often conflicts with our daily activities. Just like our current situation. Everywhere we can always encounter a competition. Well, in my opinion, those competitions are actually against ‘Love’. How can I have this assumption? Okay, let’s analyse this together.

This competition is done by many people every day and all day. Some have positioned themselves as if they lived in a big competition every day. Starting from waking up in the morning, some mothers are already noisily bargaining for vegetables in the market, drivers of public transportations are overtaking each other, and trying to pass each other as if they are on a race. A rice seller sees another rice seller in the same market as if they see an enemy in a battle field. Businessmen are using a thousand of ways to play dirty and topple down each other.

My grandchildren, from all those events, of course you can feel. People have such a feeling that they position themselves in a competition, is there any love there? At the same time?

When a competition starts, love and affection will not be there. What is there is only a desire to win and to defeat. If they cannot win, what is left is deep frustration. Not too long ago, there was a football match, where the supporters from the two teams fought against each other, and even it causes death. This is not a mere game of feelings, my grandchildren. This is a real event between football supporters from two cities. Can you still deny that a competition comes in conflict with love and affection?

My grandchildren, if now you have grown up, or believe you have grown up, start learning to be more observant. If you have felt that you have had enough competitions and had a decent livelihood, start organizing yourselves by going through what you have done so far. Start assessing and observing carefully your every move. If you have gone through competition by competition in order to gain benefits to have a decent livelihood and it has been achieved. Let us look closely, is that really valuable for the development of your spirit?

If the greediness to pile up wealth has combined with hatred and the atmosphere of competitions, then it will be difficult to control. What always comes in your mind is only about profit and loss. What is worse, my grandchildren, is when this mental attitude is preserved and even developed, it will grow into a habit that we deem as right.

Every pattern of assessment that you make for you to execute later will only be based on profit and loss. Upon making friends, you will consider, “What is the profit if I make friends with Dadap?” Even if you have a close friend who wants to meet up, you will consider the profit and the loss.

My grandchildren, love is so full of gentleness and warmth. It gives coolness and comfort to anyone around us. While competitions always bring heat and are so full of anger. The desire to win is priority and always demands defeat of the opposing parties. Anyone who is not in his side is an enemy to defeat. That is a competition, my grandchildren.

In love, there’s no one sitting in the opposing side, but there is unification. Inviting everyone to the same level and degree. Sharing happiness and grief. While in a competition, there is always a limit, there is always a division, there is always a winner and a loser. A competition is always separating people.

I don’t mean to forbid you to have a competition in this life. I hope after we go through this problem together, you will have a new perspective. So that you can consider how important the competition you are in is.

At least, later when you are still doing competition after competition in your life, you have developed a slight feeling of compassion. So that you don’t do something blindly in a competition. And you are no longer blind. So you don’t become someone who act as they wish. People who just act as they wish like that, do not care anymore about their value, dignity, and even other people’s needs except themselves’ as the spotlight.

Those kinds of people, do they still possess love and affection at the same time?

My grandchildren, be careful, discipline yourselves to be patient and observant to assess event after event. So that you can live your life comfortably and peacefully.