Who among you always ask about heaven? The question is very difficult. Grandpa does not know anything about heaven that you mean. Indeed, I have got into it in a simple way. You want to listen to the simplest? No harm, isn’t it? You better know the simple and easy first before studying difficult things.

Well, what I know, the heavens are various. But I will divide it into four categories only. I think that these four categories of heaven is enough for you in the meantime. And remember, I always tell you not to just accept all my messages. You should also think to get into and prove it on your own. Here is an overview of the four paradises. Later, you can make an in-depth analysis, or you may ask me one by one after I finish my story.


First, Heaven of Children

My grandchildren, the children’s paradise is when they are playing. And hell for them is when they are forbidden to play. If you want to create a paradise for your children, make a playground for them. Make toys and playing equipment for them. And give them enough playing time.

For you who already have children, Grandpa hopes that you are wise enough. You can create a paradise for all of your children. Do not aggresively demand your children to obey all your wishes, obey all your dreams and your ambition.

Think also what they want, not just material things! Give them your time and attention and show them that they are your children, not the maid’s nor school’s children. Sometimes, Grandpa is sad to see how children are developed today, because they only have very little chance to play. These children are demanded to learn all kinds of knowledge. When these kids get champions in their class, you show them off proudly to your friends. Think about it, isn’t that funny enough? You take their paradise for your ego. And when you are reminded, you always have a reason that everything you do is how this world rules. It is for the sake of your children’s future.

You should think smarter. If you now sacrifice your children’s present, is there still a future for them? Do you still remember Grandpa’s message about Purwa (beginning), Madya (process) and Wusana (ending)? If it is bad at the beginning, the next one will be very difficult, my grandchild. Grandpa hopes you are not too afraid to see their future. You have seen many ways. You should be able to show them good ways you have been through later.


Nevertheless, you also have to be careful in creating a paradise for these children. Do not spoil them. It is very simple. You have to be really in control. Do not let yourself be dictated by your children. These children usually express their displeasure or discomfort by crying. If you obey all the children’s wishes because they are crying, then you all have been dictated by the children. Remember, you are their parent.

You should be the guide. You have to make a decision, not your children. You may argue with them because you love them. My grandchildren, affection without wisdom will only plunge them into an unfavorable path in the future. Even, there are some people who just obey the wishes of their children without giving too much thoughts to stop crying of your children. There are also mothers who are embarrassed to friends or neighbors because her children are crying. They worry about being called bad parents because they are not able to obey the wishes of their children. Do not be like that. Because you are the one who must really take control of your children.


Secondly, Heaven of Youth

These young men tend to be free. Freedom is a heaven for them. When they are constrained by various rules, they feel like they are going to hell. They often make their parents a headache. In my opinion, this is a young boy’s instinct. They want to see as many choices as possible for their future.

Many people call these young people are suffering from a crisis of identity. They are just looking for a model that can be imitated for themselves. Just like other patterns in our lives. They also make some experiment, which ones are suitable and appropriate. They begin to choose a figure to be their idol to imitate.

They also have a growing sense of embarrassment. Ashamed of being called tacky, geek, poor and so on. They finally embrace POP (popular) culture. They try to follow many trends. Starting from the style of dressing, speech, and other unique behaviors. Unfortunately, these children have an unlimited source of information. The world seems to be in the hands of these young people through their smart phones.

Well, for you who already have young children, you have to adapt to the changing times inevitably. If not, then you cannot possibly be able to lead your child to his maturity. Whatever you say, whatever you ask, will not be heard by them. Because you use different language. The juvenile delinquency in your day is different from today’s situation. When you do not know the colors and forms of the juvenile delinquency today, how can you possibly correct their mistakes?

My grandchildren, if you really want to educate your children, you should adapt to changing times. You must be their friend, a best friend to listen to their stories, a teacher who constantly lead and a police who always strictly teaches them to be in order. You must always be there for them. Why do they become your responsibility? Because you created them. It is you who expect their presence on this earth.

Give them paradise, but not for free! Because they must have started to learn about life little by little. Give them the freedom to think, but they must be able to be responsible for their ideas. You should spend so much time to have communication with them. Because they need a friend and teacher who can guide their wild ideas.

Occasionally, give them freedom of action, but they must accept the consequences of their actions. Give praise when they do a good deed, and give them a punishment when they do wrong. When you give a punishment for their mistake, give them sufficient explanation. No need to be angry and shout at them. Most of them would not listen. Because they already know that they are guilty. What they do not know and you should tell them is why their deed can be called wrong.

Give clear explanations and arguments that all they do is wrong or right. Right or wrong is not just because you like or you do not like. Show them that they are actually harvesting the results of their actions. Because that is what happens outside the home. Praise for good deeds and reproaches for bad deeds. If they are right, fertilize them to grow. If they are wrong, they have to bear the consequences. But you have to fix it, show them what the right way so that they do not repeat the same mistakes.


Thirdly, Heaven of Adults.

Adults can sleep soundly if they can met their duties and responsibilities. They cannot take failure. Well, my grandchildren, all of you who gather at my house are adults, some are young. If you are grown-ups, you have to work hard to create a paradise for your own sake and for your children. Indeed, you are an adult, your burden is the hardest. Because your feet and hands are strong. Your thoughts and reason should develop very strongly. That is how things work. Justice is conformity. Not uniformity. You were children, you were also young men, now you have to be responsible for your maturity to the whole family.

For those of you who are still young, if you want your parents to get heaven, help them reach it. You do not have to help them take responsibility. Simply lighten the burden of your parents’ mind by being ‘obedient’ and submissive to them. Because when you are fussy and difficult to be lead, you can screw your parents’ thoughts and threaten their duties. Don’t you feel sorry for your parents? My grandchildren, you, young men, must understand the heavy duty of the parents. Not just for fulfilling the material demands for everyone in the family, but also for keeping your salvation and guiding you to become an adult. When you are submissive to your parents, that does not mean you will lose your heaven, but your portion will be reduced. This is what Grandpa calls harmony. If you can keep that way, you, young men, will get paradise with your parents. Do you have the heart to let your parents suffer while you still want the heaven?

For adults, you must also be able to convince your children and teach them maturity little by little. Show them that heaven can be achieved together. Not by children nor by adults only. Keep the harmony. No need to be bombastic to expect heaven that is beyond the reach with its extraordinary luxury and comfort. If you do it wrong, you cannot keep the balance. You as adults will quarrel with the young for fighting for heaven only. Aren’t you ashamed? Compete for heaven with your own children. Reach the heaven bit by bit together, then you will have a modest little family.


Fourthly, Heaven of Grandparents

The old days are the time to enjoy the results at the end of the journey. Grandparents will experience heaven as they see the success of their children and receive devotion from their offspring. And they will suffer when they see their children and grandchildren do not get along. Moreover, if they quarrel over inheritance.

My grandchildren, heaven and hell of your grandparents are in your hands. You can give heaven to your grandparents. They can only accept. Whether it is sweet or bitter at the end of the journey of his life, they can only accept because they only have a little energy to realize their dreams. By instinct, these elderly people have usually started to reduce sensory movements. Only ideas that occasionally appear and disappear again.

From Grandpa’s short description, you can certainly make conclusion on your own about the relationship of the four heavens and its bearers. When summarized, everything will turn into the rights and obligations of each individual in a family. For the first and last heavens, they tend to be more dominant in rights, rather than obligations. Meanwhile, the second and third heavens need harmony and balance.

Once again, create a paradise, reach the paradise together. When you all together create a paradise, will not your house be a comfortable paradise inhabited by the whole family?

Those are the four paradises that Grandpa can understand and investigate. Not the heaven that is beyond the reach that Grandpa does not understand, my grandchildren. Moreover, the knowledge of the other heaven is only suitable for those who are old enough. Grandpa does not want to bring pressure on you because I am embarrassed. Grandpa does not make you think that I am ‘making up’ a story. So, in Grandpa’s opinion, what Grandpa told you about heaven is the most suitable for you. A very simple paradise, that we can feel together right here, right now.