My grandchildren, some of you have gone through this life for a while. You should begin to wonder about how life is going. Do not be embarrassed if you have too many questions. It is good for you to have many questions. People get smarter because they all are diligent to learn. Why are they diligent to learn? Because they all have a great sense of curiosity. Why do they want to know? Because they do not know yet. The structure becomes clear, doesn’t it? First, they do not know yet. Secondly, they want to know. Thirdly, they find out (ask). Fourthly, they become smart. So, you should be grateful to know when you are not sure. Those who live in ignorance are those who have never studied. Because they are unaware of their ignorance. Maybe they feel that they are smart. Now, don’t you want to know what nature is going on?

Well, if you’re ready, your Grandpa has a simple experience. Perhaps some of you are less interested in Grandpa’s experience. But just listen to me slowly, you can protest after I finish my story.

My grandchildren, all of you should have started to learn to be an adult. Learn to assume responsibility. No longer whining for help from anyone. Indeed, such a person will seem arrogant. But, you have also been taught about pride. All of you must remain to respect the parents, you must respect your friends and also your brothers, and if necessary, you need to respect anyone. So, not asking for help is not a pride. This is the way to train your maturity. Because you will soon have greater responsibilities for your own family. That’s why you should have started not to depend on others.

My grandchildren, there is one lesson that you may choose and practice as one of many teachings that can support you toward maturity. That is seeing the world in the right way. Do not let you have the wrong perception of the world, so you can walk your life in a fun way. The way to see the world in a right way is to see the world as it is. Like what is already running. Not the world you expect. The banyan tree is shady, the fruit is small. Yes, indeed that is the reality! No need to compare with watermelon, for example. The bird has wings so that it can fly. But the chicken also has wings and it cannot fly. All that you see and its awkwardness, just note it. Leave it that way. All you can do is adjust to all these realities. That is what Grandpa meant by seeing the world in a right way.

Now, let us for a moment think more freely, with no ties to concepts. We start from what is around us first, such as banks. Aren’t you all familiar with the bank? Well, my grandchildren. The banks are now actually open for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It may take some time for the banking system to repair and then operate again. You can do many transactions, including withdrawing cash from ATMs anytime. Is there a bank person who accompanies you when you withdraw cash and record it so that bank can know if your money is being reduced? It is not, isn’t it? Well, all the banking transactions are now run automatically by computer programs. So is the smart phone you carry all day long. Everything has become automatic, it is also run by the machine program.

There are so many machines that are now programmed automatically. Digital printing machine, for example. This printing machine only needs four basic colors, they are blue, red, yellow and black. But this digital machine can print so many colors, even with a very soft gradation. Do you think there are ‘evil spirits’ busy mixing ink in this machine? No, this machine is also run by a computer program. Who are they who created these programs? Grandpa does not need to find out who is doing it all. Let’s say, all is programmed by smart people.

My grandchildren, if only these people could make such a great program, Grandpa has a belief that nature was also programmed automatically with the greatest quality, including all of us, humans, that is part of the ‘Supreme’ program. If only a sophisticated human creation was difficult to manipulate, then this natural program could certainly be impossible to be manipulated.

When you have no balance in your bank account, you cannot whine and whine again in front of the ATM so that money can get out of the machine. Similarly, when you plant corn kernels, you cannot expect durians to be picked. Thus, all the plant programs are running, and all plants have their own characters and tendency to grow differently. Perhaps the genetic program has advanced, but the nature will remain the same.

All the things we throw up will surely fall to earth. Smart people might be able to make flying tools. But the earth gravity must still be counted as a fixed unit when making airplanes. Because the tool is just a tool to fight the earth gravity, not to eliminate it. Water always flows from highlands to lowlands. Then smart people make water pumps. After the water pump was found, was the nature of this water changed? Of course not. When the pump machine is damaged, it is difficult for people on the hill to get water.

In social life, when you are praised, your face becomes glowing because you are happy. On the contrary, when you are reproached, your face becomes sullen. If the situation is reversed, the result is the same. If you like to praise people, then you will be liked by people. And if you like to criticize people, then you become a very annoying person. And it can be sure you will find it hard to get friends. The one who always does good will be praised by the wise. On the contrary, the one who does evil does not receive praise from the wise. The one who always does good will reap the fruit of happiness and the one who always behaves evil will reap the fruit of suffering.

Those are programs of nature, my grandchild. Remember well, you do not have to bother to trust Grandpa’s bluff. If you want to believe it, that’s how those laws go. If you do not believe, those laws will stay that way. If you are smart, it is better to prove it. Since you have grown up, don’t put your trust too much on about what I said. Hahaha …

Tomorrow morning, the sun will rise from the east. And Grandpa will not force you all to believe it. Because it is what actually happens. You want to believe it or not that the sun will also rise from the east, it will also rise from the east. Because that’s how nature moves. All the contents of this universe moves and rotates continuously. Some moves regularly, some moves less regularly. Our only task is to observe and record it for guidance for all of us to live this life.

My grandchildren, tranquility, comfort and even happiness must be realized with a hard struggle. Without enough intelligence, you will find it difficult to make it happen. Some teachings seem easy to understand. But as these teachings begin to be practiced, many of us work very hard with no results. For example, this is Grandpa’s simple message. “To achieve serenity, you must adapt to nature”. It is easy, isn’t it? Just adjust yourself! But, my grandchildren, if you want to practice it, you should work it on very seriously and carefully.

First, you must learn about the nature. Starting from the laws that rule it to the relationship of each component of the nature. We and the animals are included to be part of that nature. Next, you must understand what your Grandpa means by ‘Making Adjustment’. All your gestures and minds must be in accordance with the motions of the nature, do not fight against them.

When you climb to a mountain, you have to bring a jacket as it is cold on the mountain. Not the mountain that brings cold, but the altitude makes the temperature cool. Similarly, if you travel far to a country that is far from the equator, you also have to bring a jacket because the farther a place from the equator, the colder the air.

Freezing, melting, expanding, condensing and so on are also natural processes, my grandchild. You do not bother to read the spell to freeze the frozen meat from the fridge. Just put the frozen meat on the table alone, it will soften by itself. When your clothes are wet, cursing will not be able to make them dry. Nature processes by its laws. It has a cycle for their own survival. Even though the year-round rain soaks the earth, all the water will spill into the sea. And the sea will never be full. That is nature, my grandchild.

What do you think? Have you got a few illustrations of all I told you before?

In essence, everything we see in everyday life happens automatically, including the process of nature itself. If you do not have money, you have to work. You may ask for money from your parents. It’s okay, if your parents are rich. But if you always ask for money, aren’t you embarrassed? Won’t you also be an adult? Will you have children and you are getting older too. If you are thirsty, drink. If you are hungry, eat. If you are sick, know the cause, just look for the medicine. And so on, no need to panic.

My grandchildren, remember well, do not join a group of confused people. These people of this group have different ways of living their lives. They do not want to adapt to the nature! They choose to live their lives as their wishes. When it rains in the morning, these people will grumble. They do not agree the rain falls in the morning because they will leave for work. They prefer doing a light and easy work, but they annoy when they receive a small salary. Even they can be angry when they are stricken with illness. Who is a man that cannot be sick? Hahaha …

Long story short, anything that happens in this world, as long as it is not against their will, is definitely wrong. For example, justice! They make a ‘version‘ of their own about it. Anything, as long as it makes them happy, is definitely justice. Otherwise, as long as they are not happy, then they have not gotten that justice. And they will continue to demand justice according to their wish until it is fulfilled. What seems ridiculous, my grandchildren, these people have a lot of desires. And their desires always change from time to time. Everything is at their own will.

All of you who still indulge in personal desires, who still find it difficult to adjust to what is happening around you, start to learn and practice bit by bit. Otherwise, Grandpa make sure that you will continue to live in misery. You will continue to feel dissatisfaction in living this life. Because that is what happens, nature moves on its own, the people around you also have their own will. You cannot manage other people’s desires. If that is what you do, then you violate other’s rights.

All things above are Grandpa’s description of the automatic nature process. They move by their own laws. Running their own cycle. If you really understand and practice my message, you will not complain at any time. You will not feel sad anywhere because you can always adapt to the environment, not having empty expectations for things and circumstances to change as you wish.

Hopefully, all of you can grow up quickly, be mature and quickly ‘responsive’ to your environmental changes. And keep getting smart as you age. Take care of your environment, then the environment will provide all of you with comfort and tranquility. That is all that I hope for.