My grandchildren, almost all the teachings taught by the ancestor on this earth lead to the path of light. And these ancestors taught none other than to provide life guidance for the children they love for all of us always be on the right way of life. The way of life that brings us all to glory and happiness.

Since His purpose is clear, that is to lead all of us to a light way of life, without a doubt, He taught us as plainly and clearly as possible. You all must know, He inherits this guidance always based on his love for his children and grandchildren. Thus, for sure, it is impossible for Him to teach us His confusing teachings.

But, my grandchildren, it is very strange that nowadays, you are taught by so many confusing teachings. Even, those who try to re-teach these teachings, they can point to each other that the teachings taught by others are wrong. For that, all of you must carefully study the teachings of these ancestors. It takes patience, deep precision and keen observation. See what is around us, then match it to what is written in the books. The simplest way to prevent you from falling into the trap of mistaken teaching is by trying to practice it slowly. If the teaching makes you live more ‘Tranquil’ and ‘Comfortable’, and loves your friends and relatives, then what they teach is a good teaching.

Well, why can all this mess happen? Why are the teachings of the ancestors elusive? With the limitations of Grandpa’s reasoning and superficial mind, there are several things that may be the reasons. Starting from social and cultural problems, for example, they can also be the reasons. The system of social and cultural order in the past are very different from that system in present. From time to time, the development of the culture and way of life of humans is different and can even be confusing for some people. For example, the medication in the past is very different from that in present. Some can be explained with common sense, but some things are very weird. This is what makes so many things written in the books difficult to understand today.

Language issues are also so dominant, especially the use of local terms at the time of writing and the present that is very much different. Laziness also encourages a shift in doctrine. Many of us are less patient in many ways. It also happens when they learn, they want to quickly master the lessons, they finally learn in a haphazard and less thoroughness. They should not omit some writings, but they often summarize and shorten the contents of the book.

And there are probably many other reasons that make the teachings of these ancestors shifted that Grandpa cannot yet know. But, there is one very interesting reason for us to dive in now. That is the possibility of deliberation by people who are less wise, at any given time, in a long time. Well, my grandchildren, let us together examine how this all can happen.

So now, are you ready to listen to Grandpa about ‘The Phenomenon of Light and Darkness‘? And why does Grandpa call it a phenomenon? Listen carefully.

My grandchildren, basically, humans prefer the light because they are not happy to be in the darkness. The light and darkness that Grandpa means here can have a real meaning, it has to do with the light and lightning or it has to do with clear and unclear conditions and situations of a problem. Both lead to clarity. The clarity of an object related to the eyes is determined by the adequacy and absence of light. The clarity of the object of ideas related to mind is determined by sufficient verbal and written statements.

People prefer to be in a bright place. Some people even feel fear in the dark. And it has become a human instinct to always be in a state of light and avoid darkness. People work during the day because of the sun that provides enough lightning. And they rest at night in the absence of the sun that causes a lack of lightning.

Now, people have started working at night with sufficient lights as artificial lighting. You all should know, why humans are generally afraid in the dark? According to the general reasoning of the mind, some people call it ‘by common sense’. We all do not want something bad happen to us. Grandpa often mentioned that one of the characteristics of the living man is always moving. If it was not his body, it is his mind that moves.

Well, if you cannot see anything because of the darkness, isn’t it natural that you feel the fear of falling or crashing something around you? Similarly, when you do not get clarity about a problem, isn’t it fair that you cannot make a decision?

My grandchildren, from Grandpa’s information and your reasoning, would you agree if Grandpa reassures once again that almost all humans prefer bright places, clear paths and clear lifestyles rather than darkness and unclear ways of life?

But, my grandchildren, there is a strange awkwardness, in our everyday real life. Well, this is very interesting, try to listen carefully. It is common sense, everybody prefers light to darkness. But, some people choose to hide, they intentionally look for the darkness. It is strange, isn’t it? Should we live our lives according to common sense? In fact, we live in conflict with this common sense. Many of us, in a certain time, love to hide in the dark. In a certain time, many of us are happy to give complicated information.

That’s why Grandpa calls it the ‘Phenomenon‘ of Light and Darkness. It is because it is difficult for us to understand this human way of life. People should act upon their common sense. Yet, some fight their senses consciously. This confusing pattern of life is what ¬†grandpa calls a phenomenon.

My grandchildren, after Grandpa gets into it, everyone who likes the darkness turns out that he is ‘hiding‘ or is trying to ‘hide‘ something. From their activity in this darkness, they get the benefits.

They who call themselves smart, because they are so smart maybe, can even make this dark (risk) projection, to be compared with benefits. From this comparison, then they count it. If the benefits are worth it, then they run the calculated risk. Well, my grandchildren, when you cheat, and your cheats are unable to be seen by others, are not you going to cover it up? Are you trying to create darkness to obscure your cheats? Well, when you create that darkness, you are denying your own common sense.

Where light is the choice of common sense, while darkness is a condition that is always avoided by common sense. In this case, you should not have to think too much about Norms, Sins, and Ancestors’ Teachings. Simply by understanding Grandpa’s description, you should be ashamed of yourself. Shame on your common sense. Light and clear places and paths are things you should choose. You should avoid the dark places and unclear paths, unless you are not ashamed to be grouped into confused people.

My grandchildren, from what Grandpa told you earlier, can you take some lessons from the understanding of this phenomenon?

First, you already know that basically, everyone wants clarity. For that, you should be a reliable person with a clear way of life. From such behavior, your friends and relatives will like you. Otherwise, your friends and relatives dislike you.

Secondly, you can also understand friends and people around you. If you meet someone who gives less clear or convoluted information, then you should be vigilant. Because people with these characteristics, most likely, are hiding something. And even these people are planning to take advantage of you.

Thirdly, back to our earlier conversation. If you meet a teacher who teaches the teachings in an interlaced and unclear manner, it is possible that the teacher is trying to sell the teachings. They expect to gain benefits from the lack of clarity of his interlaced teachings. Indeed, there are intricate teachings. You have not reached the stage of the doctrine because the teachings are in stages. Some teachings can be understood only by old and mature people. But, if simple teachings are deliberately made difficult, then it is obvious that the teacher is hiding something and trying to gain benefit from it.

That is all Grandpa knows about light and darkness. That’s all! Do not expect too much because that’s all that Grandpa knows. Hahaha …